Lincoln Electric Speedtec 180c & 200c Multi Process Welder Range Available from Rapid NOW!

by Rapid Welding 5. March 2013 13:15

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of Lincoln Electric's latest innovation, the new Speedtec 180C and 200C Multi Process Welder Range.



Speedtec 180C & 200C

The Speedtec 180C is the standard multi-process model that can be used for CV, MIG, FCAW, and CC Stick. It is equipped with all the essential functions, like step-less arc inductance for CV MIG ot HOT Start and Arc Force Stick Welding.
The Speedtec 200C represents the latest generation of advanced multi-process machines, combining CV MIG, FCAW, Synergic MIG, CC Stick, DC Lift TIG capabilities into a compact, lightweight and portable package.
It has a large, bright (adjustable) colour TFT User Interface allowing for easy viewing of welding parameters and easy access to other features and menu's. The screen uses simple and intuitive icons for instructions and commands rather than traditional text, making the Speedtec clear and easy to understand.

Speedtec 200C User Friendly Display
Other features include:
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) - more welding power, energy and cost savings.
  • Superior Arc Performance - CV MIG: Infinitely Variable Voltage control, Wire Feed Speed & Inductance. Stick: Hot Start and Arc Force Control. TIG: Lift TIG avoids Tungsten Contamination.


Accessories are available with each machine. If you're unsure what comes with what, simply hover over the image of this cheeky little chap below - you'll find him next to each product on our website, to display the machine package contents. 

For a limited time only we are offering a FREE roll of Innershield NR-211 0.9mm and Lincoln SG2 0.8mm 5kg Mig spools worth over £100 with every multi-process ready to weld package.
Both models are now available from Rapid.
Or feel free to have a chat with Andy




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An Order Out Of The Ordinary!

by Rapid Welding 4. February 2013 11:11

Here at Rapid, we don't tend to rub shoulders with the world of showbiz on a daily basis, but every so often...........

  We were delighted last week to take an order from London based company, Air The Film Ltd, for their new production called 'The Hybrid Project'. The project is an exciting collaboration cumulating in the science fiction film, 'AIR', to be directed by Emma Maclennan.

Filming started in January and is taking place in the V&A Museum in London. To find out more about production and how you can get involved, check out these websites:

We're certainly looking forward to spotting our products on the big screen!


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FAQ's Answered! EU VAT Rules & How They Apply

by Rapid Welding 28. January 2013 10:13

Your FAQ's Answered! EU VAT Rules & How They Apply

One of the regularly asked questions we receive at Rapid is, ‘what are the rules for European VAT and how does it work between borders?’

VAT may need to be charged on the supply or transfer of goods out of the UK to an individual or company in another country. Goods supplied to another EU country are called ‘dispatches’ or ‘removals’, unlike ‘exports’, which is the term referring to sales outside the EU.


Generally speaking, the following rules of purchase will apply:

·         If you are outside the UK but in another European Union Country, you will pay VAT if you are a private individual or a company without a registered VAT number.

·         If you are registered for VAT in another EU country, VAT will not be charged (or will be zero-rated) so long as the registration number is inserted into the appropriate box during the online checkout process.

·         You will not pay import duty or VAT on your purchase when it arrives in your country.

·         If you are outside of the UK and European Union you will not pay VAT.

·                       If you are in the UK you will pay VAT regardless of your status.

For our online customers, Rapid’s checkout process offers a number of prompts to make sure the correct information is obtained, including your billing country and VAT number, so that the VAT can be updated before payment is made.

Rapid terms and conditions are also accessible from this page.

For more detailed advice and guidance, visit:

Or visit Rapid at:


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V & F Sheet Metal - Another Very Happy Customer!

by Rapid Welding 7. January 2013 08:56

As you know, here at Rapid, we love to hear what our customers think about our service and products - the good the bad and the ugly. We also like nothing better than being sent photos of the products we have sold in their new working environment - think of us as proud parents if you will!

We had a lovely email from Ray Frith at V & F Sheet Metal last week. He'd previously purchased from Rapid some welding bay curtains, and he was so pleased with them, he wanted to share with us a few snap shots of them in situ.

Thanks Ray! 


Rapid's booked for Seawork International 2013

by Rapid Welding 6. December 2012 16:23


After the success of MACH 2012, we're doing it again at Seawork 2013!


At this time of year we all look back at what we've done, how we've done it, and if next year, we can do it any better.

One of Rapid's key successes of 2012 has to be the MACH exhibition held at Birmingham NEC earlier in the year. Being 'exhibition first-timers', we had a small convoy of our equipment travel up from Portsmouth. We had open minds, sensible footwear, and our very own coffee-making machine, and in true Rapid style, we had a really successful and fun event.

Off the back of such a great experience, our Rapid team will once again be putting their best, sensibly clad feet forward, and exhibiting at the Seawork International Exhibition 2013 for the first time - we have previously attended the event as visitors.

Seawork International is one of the largest growing commercial marine and workboat events and is being held in one of Europe's busiest harbours. The event attracts over 450 exhibitors and 7200 visitors from all over the world.

The exhibition will include:

  • 10,000 m2 of exhibition space
  • Open air and under cover stands
  • On the water demonstrations
  • Purpose  built pontoons for more than 60 floating exhibits

 A busy pontoon

Seawork International 2012

As a high percentage of Rapid's customer portfolio covers the marine industry sector, Seawork is the perfect platform for us to put our message across to the international commercial marine industry. We are particularly proud to be presenting the kemppi Supersnake extended reach mig wire feeder, which is perfect for building aluminium workboats.

Seawork International runs from June 25th - 27th 2013, and you will find the Rapid Team on Stand SR15.

The exhibition takes place in the Canary Islands Fruit Terminal, 103-104 Herbert Walker Avenue, ABP Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1HJ, United Kingdom

More information about Rapid's services is available at
To visit Seawork:



Working-Holiday Snapshots from the Rapid Family Album

by Rapid Welding 20. November 2012 12:49

As they say in the movies, 'That's a Wrap!'

The Fabtech Expo event has finished, and our weary yet highly delighted travelers have returned home with stories to tell (some of which can't be shared!) and some fabulous new leads to explore.

The trip didn't go quite to plan from the outset, with Roy breaking his ankle several weeks before the big event. But in true Rapid style this hiccup swiftly turned into an advantage, with Roy managing to organise a specialist taxi to ferry him around and a 'rent-a-chariot' in 'Rapid red' for the duration of the show - a necessity for getting about in a timely fashion, but also lots of fun - think racing down the corridors in the hotel!

Rent a Chariot!

Overall the experience was worthwhile, with our guys catching up with suppliers and generating some exciting new product leads to follow up. They also visited the Save Phace stand, a company based in North Texas and whose products Rapid now stock (see previous blog). The EFP helmet is doing amazingly well both here and abroad, and has been greatly received by Rapid's customers (The shelves have been re-stocked because of its popularity). Needless to say, the Save Phace stand was mobbed at Fabtech, but Roy in his 'Rent a Chariot' managed to find a way through to talk business.


 A warm welcome at the Save Phace stand


There was plenty of time for fun too, and shopping - Marianne!



It's wouldn't be Vegas without some glitz & glammer! 



Saying "hi" to our mates at CK  - "Hi Jeff!" (He must be hiding!)



 There's that guy again!



by Rapid Welding 8. November 2012 19:11

Watch This Space 


Rapid is always striving to move with the times and stay ahead of the game, and we love nothing more than finding exciting new products tantalizing the market in the UK and abroad and making them available to our customers. For those of you unaware – and there can’t be many of you by now - our Rapid representatives have already arrived in Las Vegas for the FabTech Expo event this week in order to do just that.


Available NOW! 



One new product range Rapid is already proudly the importer for is the Save Phace series of welding helmets.


Save Phace,  a company based in North Texas, is committed to developing the best face protection products available, and within hours of stock arriving at Rapid HQ, these welding helmets were literally pinging off our shelves.



A Revolutionary Product: The EFP - Extreme Face Protector, isn't your average welding helmet




Developed after more than five years dedicated research, the EFP is a new, innovative welding helmet, with key features inclusing:

  • 180 degree peripheral vision
  • Welding helmet, splash guard and grinding mask all in one.
  • Face forming profile means less bulk allowing you to work in tighter spaces & providing better airflow.
  • The ONLY welding helmet in the world integrating an auto-darkening filter into a 180 degree welding lens.
  • Amazing graphics available.
  • Replaceable sweat absorbent headband.
  • ANSI and CE approved.


This exciting new product range and further information is available from Rapid NOW, just visit the website:


To learn more about Save Phace, please visit



Kemppi Arc System 2.0 ArcQuality - Welding Quality Management

by Rapid Welding 18. October 2012 17:11

Any welder worth their pinch of salt will make sure each job is carried out to the best of their ability and conforms to strict control measures and approved welding procedures. But is there any proof of this once the job is complete, and what formal documentation or qualitative evidence is there to confirm the correct procedures were in fact carried out, with quality materials and equipment, and by appropriately qualified personnel?

'The Kemppi Arc System 2.0, module ArcQuality (ArcQ) provides an accurate and formal solution to this quality problem.'



Kemppi  initially launched the Arc System 2.0 module Arc Quality in China this year at the July Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair, then at the HI Design Exhibition in Helsinki, Finland in August. Following on, they will be at the EuroBLECH Fair in Hanover, Germany on the 23 - 27 October (hall 13, stand E24).

 ArcQ Explained

The hub of the system comprises of an ArcQuality Smart Reader, into which can be scanned the professional credentials of the welder (taken from the bar code on their personal ID tag) and the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) of each material alloy, welding type and shielding gas being used. If there is any deviation to WPS compliance, this information is communicated to the welder and project/managerial teams involved.

Benefits of Using the ArcQ System

  • System alerts the welder if corrective action is required, therefore saving time
  • Identifies problems prior to inspection and testing
  • Reduces costly rework
  • Ensures welder qualifications are current and valid prior to work
  • Collects and records data allowing traceability of each individual weld
  • Ensures quality control & WPS compliance
  • Records & compares information
  • Guides welders to follow acceptable procedures & use repeatable, trustworthy welding techniques
  • Allows for swift office/employer intervention should quality measures be overlooked
  • Creates non-conformance reports in real-time
  • Records arc/non arc time
  • Records service history & anticipates service needs
  • Includes a welding fleet management tool
  • Designed for monitoring MIG/MAG welding
  • Web based reporting
  • WLAN technology
  • Arc Quality Data can be logged into & viewed securely worldwide
  • Single or multiple site users
  • Provides reports for client consultation & project development in conjunction with WPS 
    'Kemppi Arc System and its module ArcQuality, provide the simple, but formal solution to ensure conformance to set welding quality standards. Of course customers may have slightly different demands in order to meet their local site needs and integrate ArcQuality to their existing quality system, so Kemppi project team can tailor most needs through client consultation and project development.'



For more information visit:



Rapid Takes Vegas!

by Rapid Welding 10. October 2012 11:49


The show is called FABTECH, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The venue is the Las Vegas Convention Centre....and Rapid is dropping in to say hello!

The event describes itself as 'a convenient 'one stop shop' venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all your metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs.' Running from November 12-14, the event will cover in excess of 400,000 square feet, and with 1,100 exhibiting companies it is expected to attract an attendance in excess of 25,000.

Marianne, who's a very lucky but very deserving girl, says, 'Rapid is hoping to find new, innovative products to bring to the UK as a distributor to enlighten and educate the UK market. We are buoyed by our success in becoming the sole CK agent following our attendance in Atlanta two years ago, and we already have many appointments with North America Manufacturers.'

In order to prevent downcast faces and pouty lips, which nobody wants to see, our four Rapid Representatives will also have the opportunity to enjoy their fair share of fun in the party capital too.

Watch out for our blog and follow us on Twitter, where we will keep you updated on what happens in Vegas, including news from the event, the fabulous surroundings and people, and a very special trip down memory lane....

For more information on FABTECH visit: 

Follow event on #fabtechexpo

Show days/Dates

Monday, November 12, 9.00am - 6.00pm

Tuesday, November 13, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Wednesday, November 14, 9.00am - 4.00pm








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Kemppi SuperSnake Protection Frame Now Available From Rapid

by Rapid Welding 3. October 2012 15:03

The Kemppi SuperSnake Protection Frame for the SuperSnake Subfeeder is now available from Rapid

  • Made of hot galvanised steel, the frame protects the feeders wire feed casing from damage in heavy environments and when device is pulled across the floor.

  • Can be used for carrying and hanging the SuperSnake Subfeeder.

  • Weighs in at 2.3kg.

  • Replaceable display protection piece.

  • Support for opened hatch.

  • Can be used with all GT02S/6153XXX and GT02SW/6154XXX models (the liquid-cooled models must have a new water hose connector (W004227) according to version A. It can be obtained as a supplement part for old products.


Visit Rapid's website for further details by clicking on:

Order ref: 6185276







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