Rapid at MACH 2012

by Rapid Welding 21. May 2012 12:29

What a Team! Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, visited the Rapid stand at MACH.

MACH was a first for Rapid, but it definitely wasn't the last!


The MACH exhibition is an established showcase for the UK manufacturing industry, promoting its interests on a world-class stage. This year, Rapid decided to take part in the weeklong event, securing a stand in the Welding World Village as organised by the AWD (Association of Welding Distribution).

The week was a success. We'd like to say a big thank you to all the Rapid customers, old and new, who kindly took the time to visit us on the stand. It was great to put faces to names and catch up over a coffee. And it wasn't all hard work; the girls were enjoying themselves before MACH had even started! Not wanting to miss an opportunity to go shopping they went all out on their 'uniforms', opting for a 'Virgin Atlantic' themed dress code with a Rapid twist! Who says welding and manufacturing can't be glam? And the boys didn't scrub up badly either.

As well as the fun bits, the exhibition also proved to be a great place to showcase Rapid's new website - Rapid has been trading online since 2003, but the website has recently had a major overhaul and now provides customers with a more informative, interactive, and user friendly service. The full range of CK products attracted a lot of attention - especially the reduced access micro torches and clear Pyrex nozzles, as did the new design Kemppi machine.

We went to MACH wanting to raise the Rapid profile, and with 490 exhibitors and 21,624 visitors from the UK and overseas, we certainly achieved that!

Did our feet ache on Friday? Yes.

Did our smiles waver? Not once.

Would we do it again? Definitely.


The Rapid Knowledge Centre is growing !

by Rapid Welding 18. May 2012 09:19

The Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre is expanding all the time...

As well as Manuals and Operator Guides for lots of the equipment, we've now added Process Information.


The Knowledge Centre Document Library contains the manuals and operator guides. You can easily see which machines the documents are for and you can also see the documents available for each machine from the item pages in the website.

Click the image above, or click here to go to the Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre.

Introducing the Thermal Arc Fabricator 211i

by Rapid Welding 16. May 2012 09:58

A RARE BEAST: Thermal Arc’s Fabricator 211i is the first industrial quality MIG Welder that will weld on a 110 volt site supply!

The Main Features:


  • Dual Voltage: 230V input allows up to 210A welding output for use in workshops. 110V input allows up to 140A welding output for on-site work.
  • Voltage reduction device for improved site safety.
  • Digital voltage and Amperage meters.
  • 3 in 1 Inverter capable of MIG, DC Lift, TIG, and DC Stick Welding.
  • Integrated wire feed for 100mm, 200mm AND 300mm Spools.
  • Excellent portability: Lightweight, only 26kg.
  • Spool Gun ready.
  • PFC Power Factor Correction: Up to 40% more electrically efficient than conventional MIG Welders.
  • Comes with a range of options and accessories.

Read more about the Thermal Arc Fabricator 211i on Rapid's website or follow the link: http://www.rapidwelding.com/dynamic/DisplayItem.aspx?c=W1004207

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Welcome to the Rapid Welding Blog!

by Rapid Welding 14. May 2012 12:28

Hello and welcome to our new Rapid blog. We'll be letting you know about special offers, discussing new products, and bringing you all the latest gossip from the world of Rapid Welding!



Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre

Our New Knowledge Centre has Machine Manuals, Operator Guides, Videos, Hint's and Tips....

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