Rent or Buy?

by Rapid Welding 20. April 2016 13:50

To Buy, or to Rent? 

An age old dilemma perhaps, but an interesting one and certainly one to consider seriously.

Contractors, engineering firms and welders from all walks of life should weigh up the pros and cons of buying or hiring against their individual welding equipment needs. For example, buying equipment and the convenience of having it ready and waiting are valuable plus points to purchasing, but it also needs to be taken into account how often the equipment is actually used; if the answer is not a lot, then hiring might be the answer.

It's also worth considering the benefits hiring has to accessing new technology in the market place. The latest welding solutions all aim to improve usability, functionality, reliability and flexibility, which in turn optimises speed, use of time, and benefits overall productivity levels in the workplace. It also allows the user to experience all the new welding machinery out there and so make informed decisions before committing to purchase. 

At RentArc, we understand the need to analyse equipment costs in conjunction with individual requirements, and the Rapid way has always been to make life as easy as possible for our customers.

In the business of keeping welders welding, we hire welding equipment for every welding application in any industry sector, supplying equipment to the Petro-Chemical, Power Generation, Ship Repair, and Structural Steel industries. We also have a team ready and waiting to talk you through your options. 

At a glance: Available and ready for hire...................

 Diesel Welder Generators: Lincoln Electric, Miller Electric

Mig Welding Packages: Lincoln Electric inc. STT Machines, Fronius & Kemppi

Tig Welding Packages: Lincoln Electric, Fronius, Miller Electric & Kemppi

Pre & post Weld Heat Induction System: Miller Electric ProHeat 35

Plasma Cutting Systems: Hypertherm

Submerged Arc & Girth Welding Equipment: Lincoln Electric & Esab

Fume Extraction Systems: Lincoln Electric & Nederman

Welding Positioning & Rotators

We may have some interesting solutions just for you! 

If hiring is a consideration, why not take a look at our website for more details, or if you would like to discuss your purchase/hire options, feel free to get in touch with one of our dedicated team members.

Telephone: +44 (0)23 8086 7789



RentArc - Part of the Rapid Family 

In the business of keeping welders welding

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Be Part of the Rapid Family - A New and Exciting Opportunity to Join RentArc!

by Rapid Welding 18. March 2016 12:48

A New and Exciting Opportunity to Join RentArc!  

We are excited to announce that a fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Sales Office Support role within RentArc, part of the Rapid group of companies.

Based in Ower, Hampshire, RentArc is in the business of hiring welding equipment, for every welding application, in any industry sector.

Supporting our existing team, the successful candidate’s key responsibilities will include:

  •        Maintaining our reputation as a highly respected company with a proven history of superb customer care. 
  •       Breakdown repair co-ordination.
  • Marketing
  •      Development of strategies to grow our rental business and raise our rental market profile.
  •  Recognising potential ‘hiring’ opportunities within Rapid’s existing customer base.
  • Develop Hire Wizard.
  • Develop web and social media presence
  • Comply with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Provide holiday cover for Nicky.

If this is the challenge for you, why not send your CV along with a covering letter to

We look forward to hearing from you. 



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10k for Rapids Chosen Charity 2016 - Please Show Your Support!

by Rapid Welding 17. March 2016 12:19

Meet Karen & Charlotte, our 10k Super Girls!

10k is the distance two incredible members of our team have volunteered to push themselves this coming June, all by way of raising money for Rapid's 2016 chosen charity, "Guide Dogs for the Blind Portsmouth & District".

Karen Read, our lovely Gas and Service Dept. Administrator, has been running since May last year, and 10k will be the furthest she has ever challenged herself. Charlotte Mansfield works in accounts, and following an operation on her femur has set herself this goal to "get back to normality as well as being an amazing cause to support others in tough times." It's a big ask for our girls, but when you look into the admiral work Guide Dogs for the Blind do and the amazing changes it can make to people living with visual impairment, you begin to understand the motivation behind their willingness to undertake such an almighty task.

Guide Dogs for the blind has helped over 30,000 visually impaired people achieve life-changing independence. Guide dogs are supported by the charity from birth to retirement at a cost of £50,000 per dog (this includes training whilst still at the centre and continuation of support once they are with their new owners, this can include vet bills, further training and even food). A guide dogs working life can last from 6-7 years and many people can require around 8 dogs in their lifetime!

Sadly the charity receives no Government help (national or local) to its
costs. They rely solely on the generosity of the general public.

If you want to show your support, help Karen and Charlotte reach their target of £500 and change someones life for the better, then please follow the link below to their JustGiving page and join us and everyone who has donated so far in making a difference.

Well done Karen and Charlotte!

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Rapid Marine - Part of The Rapid Family

by Rapid Welding 24. February 2016 14:46

Ease of Use. Well Designed. Adjustable Solutions.  

Rapid Marine specialises in the design and manufacture of lifting slings and stainless steel 316 ratchet tie down kits for tenders. Especially made to conform to load test requirements, our straps and webbing - ideal for various applications, come certifiicated to confirm its maximum rating.

Why Buy from Rapid Marine?

  • All slings are fully adjustable
  • We use Stainless Steel fittings
  • Every sling has a unique serial number
  • We include full fitting instructions with all our slings.
  • All our slings are Insurance Compliant
  • Our slings are all manufactured in the UK
  • All our slings are certified to EU Safety Standards
When investing time and money in your pride and joy, it makes sense to use the best quality accessories.  
What Our Customers Say About Us 
".... appreciation of quality was immediate. Something as simple as some straps had been really well designed."
"........ provides a particularly neat solution to a problem we had using the standard mounting points. Everything came in very smart wash through net bags which makes rinsing off easy."
"A very happy customer. I want to openly thank (Rapid Marine) for the advice and ultimately the product."
"We have been using these products for sometime now, and can confirm they are top quality."
"We had the stainless steel plastic coated strops before, problem with them, when you change your tender you end up having to have new strops as you can be sure they won't fit, unlike the Rapid marine ones that are fully adjustable, ( we are on our forth tender in five years ) so they have saved us a lot more than they cost , just to add that they were also a lot cheaper than the stainless steel ones we had!"
"Another very satisfied customer of Rapid marine, and no connection with the company."
"First class products, first class quality, first class service."
"Would not go anywhere else for such products."
To view more comments on Rapid Marine, click HERE.
To visit the website and view all the products available, click HERE.



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NEW Product Alert - PLYMOVENT MobilePro

by Rapid Welding 23. February 2016 13:29


The MobilePro - Perfect for removing welding fumes when working in confined spaces and areas difficult to reach.

As successor to the MobileOne, the Plymovent MobilePro offers flexible, self cleaning solutions for mobile welding fume extraction - designed with the professional welder in mind.

Thoughtfully built with rigid metal housing and swivel castors for ease of movement, the MobilePro features a powerful 1,1 kW (1.5 Hp) extraction fan, a SilentFlow duct free silencer - a sound absorbing box keeping the integrated fan noise levels to a minimum, and self-cleaning Ram-Air pulse amplifier delivering improved cleaning, longer cartridge life, reduced pressure loss and overall lower operational costs.

Suitable for heavy duty welding applications, MIG, MAG, TIG, GMAW, FCAW and stick electrode welding, the MobilePro is designed so that Plymovent’s extraction arms - the 3 and 4 metre KUA and Economy Arm, can be attached in order reach the necessary length. 

As a highly respected sales and service company, keen to bring the latest products to our customers, Rapid are proud to be suppliers of Plymovent products, and we are delighted to have the MobilePro available NOW!

To view this product on our website in more detail, please click HERE.

As always, our product specialist Andy is readily available to answer your questions via telephone or online. Click on the Rapid link above to find the online chat facility, or call the office on 02392 214214 and just ask for Andy.

 Please follow this link to visit the Plymovent website.

In the Business of Keeping Welders Welding

Welcome To The Rapid Experience


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Recognising The Stars Of Our Industry - We're finalists!

by Rapid Welding 3. February 2016 12:33


It is with our greatest delight that I can confirm Rapid Welding has made it to the FINAL of the 2016 Welding World Awards. 

The first of their kind, the Welding World Awards are an international, impartial, independent awards open to anyone involved in the welding business, aiming to showcase "everything that is excellent within our industry.", and to recognise and applaud the stars of our trade (See Rapid Blog 11th Dec 2015).

We are thrilled and proud to have been nominated for no less than FIVE awards by our customers, and that Rapid's brilliant team and hard work is being recognised by so many, and on such a public platform! We also want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to log on and vote for us, it really means a lot and has driven us through what has been a tough and heavily contested process.  

Following the public voting, the next stage was to wow a panel of judges with a presentation on why we were nominated for each of the five categories. This task was undertaken by Roy and Marianne Edwards, and it seems as though they managed to catch the judges attention. The main feedback following the presentation was, "The panel were thoroughly impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for the industry, and found your presentation interesting and extremely informative." 

Well, passion and enthusiasm has always been the Rapid way!

So we've done all we can. The judges decision is final.

All that's left is to attend the glittering Welding World Awards Gala Dinner being held during the week of MACH 2016 (The UK'S premier manufacturing Technologies event). The evening is to be hosted by TV presenter, the Rt. Hon. Michael Portillo, and the overall winner for each award will be announced.

 Be sure to look out for the list of Finalists in the next edition of Welding World magazine. The overall winners will be recognised on the welding world website following the event.  

Fingers crossed and wish us luck. 



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Recognising The Stars Of Our Industry - FIVE Welding World Nominations for Rapid Welding!

by Rapid Welding 11. December 2015 15:00


The voting is over, and in the New Year the results will be revealed. 

We are extremely delighted to announce that Rapid Welding and Industrial Supplies Ltd have been nominated for FIVE Welding World Awards in the inaugural Welding World Awards 2016.

The Welding World Awards are the first of their kind and are international, impartial, independent awards that can be won by anyone involved in the welding business.

The aim is to recognise and applaud the stars of our industry.

What makes us most proud is that it is our customers who have nominated us into the position of possibly being announced as one of the winners at the Gala Awards Dinner being held on Wednesday, 13 April 2016 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel.

If you would like to know more about the awards and see for yourselves why we feel so proud of ourselves, please visit 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for us.

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Red Funnel - Red Jet 6

by Rapid Welding 12. November 2015 16:44

Photo via Red Funnel

Construction of the Red Jet 6, a 40m high speed catamaran costing around £6m to build, is well underway on the Isle of Wight, the first of her kind to be built by UK businesses for 15 years. With tenders for the build received from across the globe, Red Funnel finally placed the order with Shemara Refit LLP  

This latest addition to Red Funnel's fleet aims to improve passenger accommodation, reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. With the capacity to carry 275 passengers in a spacious, well lit cabin with ship-to-shore Wi-Fi and a state of the art air-handling system, (not to mention the capability of carrying 22 bicycles!), it's no surprise to read that passenger comforts, safety, and the environment were at the forefront of the design process.  


Photo via Red Funnel

With the build underway on the island, we are thrilled to be able to play a small part in the creation of this vessel. Two of our team, David Dunn (Rapid Welding) and Damian Bryant (RentArc), have developed a good working relationship with Shemara Refit from the very start of the process, initially supplying welding consumables such as grinding discs, wire and gauntlets, as well as straight line cutters and hiring aluminium welding sets. More recently, an order for 12 Kemppi FastMigs with the Supersnake system - ideal for boat building and welding in confined spaces - was placed. 

With Summer 2016 the deadline for completion for Red Jet 6, we are delighted to have been involved in this exciting project from the start. One of our greatest strengths is maintaining excellent relationships with our customers, and we are proud to be Shemara Refit's first port of call for all their welding needs.

All lined up! 12 Kemppi FastMigs with Supersnake system  

For more information on the Red Jet 6, click here.


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Just Giving - Help Someone Today

by Rapid Welding 4. November 2015 17:11

Next week the team at Rapid are doing something collectively to help others. We have decided to give blood & join the Bone Marrow Register.

It all came about when one of our team made us aware of a family member with Leukemia. Having undergone chemotherapy and isolation, and with the best possible outcome being a bone marrow donation, we all wanted to do something to help. An office meeting followed, during which it was decided the best way we could show support to our colleague and his family was to give blood and join the British Bone Marrow Registry.

What is the British Bone Marrow Registry? 

The British Bone Marrow Registry is a division of NHS Blood and Transplant, working in co-operation with the other UK bone marrow/blood donor registries, Anthony Nolan, a charity dedicated to saving the lives of patients needing a stem cell transplant and the NHS Cord Blood Bank. Stem cell donations from cord blood can be made at specialist hospitals within the NHS. For more information see

With the Rapid machine in full swing, we discovered several blood donation sessions in Portsmouth coming up, and as such, a number of us are turning up to face the needle and give blood, as well as join the register. It seems like such a small thing to do, but when it affects those close to home, you soon realise what a massive thing it is for someone in need.

Another of our team is fundraising via the Just Giving Crowdfunding website. Here's a little bit about their situation:

We're raising £10000 to have pre-implantation genetic diagnosis because It could give my Grandson Alfie a happy life.

Alfie is a happy 5 year old boy. He has a condition called X-Linked Hyper igm Syndrome.  It's a condition that affects the immune system and only occurs in males. Alfie is prone to catching recurrent infections that could be life threatening, and as such receives weekly infusions of Immunoglobulin and is on permanent antibiotics. The cure for his condition is either a bone marrow transplantation or cord blood stem cell transplantation from a matched donor.

 Please pledge to my Just Giving Crowdfunding Page and help make it happen:


With Just Giving Crowdfunding, anyone can raise money to fund their own project - anything from setting up a food bank to buying a wheelchair for a relative or even saving a local football club. If you're interested in raising money to make good things happen, why not start your Crowdfunding Page today at


 Thank you for reading


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It's Time For Metstrade - The World's Largest Marine Equipment Trade Show

by Rapid Welding 27. October 2015 13:10

Rapid Marine is attending the world's largest Marine Equipment Trade Show, Metstrade, this November in Amsterdam, showcasing 'new to market' products such as the Flush Fitting “Padeye”.

Rapid Marine is the market leader for lifting slings and tie down kits for tenders, and the all new Flush Fitting "Padeye" is a discreet fitting made from 316 stainless steel designed to easily attach to your ratchet tie downs. Intended for up to 500kg tenders, and with a weather tight seal to ensure no debris or water enters the spring chamber, the Flush Fitting "Padeye" eliminates trip hazards on board and is quick to fit and use. Having submitted to Metstrade all the information about this exciting new product, we were delighted to hear from the exhibition organisers that Rapid Marine has been nominated for The Dame Design Award in the Deck Equipment, Sails and Rigging Category!

The DAME Design Award is 'the most prestigious international design competition for new marine equipment and accessories'. This year is the 25th anniversary, with independently appointed judges examining thousands of products in specific marine categories, aimed at showcasing new concepts and designs in the leisure marine industry.  

Rapid Marine are exhibiting at Metstrade 2015 on stand: 03.122 on the 17-18-19 November 2015. 

For more information on Metstrade, visit

For more information on Rapid Marine, visit

Rapid Marine: Supporting Your Tender Behind

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