Meet the team - Becca

by Admin 13. August 2019 12:38

 Becca joined the Rapid team in March 2017 as a Marketing Co-Ordinator having previously graduated with a degree in Business from Chichester University. Becca is responsible for marketing activities for Rapid and enjoys the varied projects. 

Outside of work, Becca enjoys spending time with friends and family with the New Forest being a favourite destination as well as doing dog agility with her spaniel Millie.



Welding Fumes: On-Torch Extraction

by Admin 12. August 2019 11:58

On- torch fume extraction captures the welding fumes at the weld pool, at the point of generation. The fumes created during the welding process are extracted by the openings in the nozzle at the tip of the torch, the fumes are then carried through the torch hose to a collector unit.

To treat the fumes and for maximum efficiency, the torch should be connected to a high vacuum system, which collects and filters the fume, returning the clean air back into the workshop. These units are portable solutions, which are highly manoeuvrable around the workshop.

Fume torches come into their own when being used on large jobs, when moving and repositioning source extractors can be a problem.  If you have a workshop fitted with wall mounted extraction units or large portable machines it can be hard to move these to a desired location, therefore a fume torch is the ideal solution.

If you are looking to purchase a fume torch there are a couple of points which need to be considered:

  • How easy / hard it is to control the torch
  • The weight of the torch, if welding for long periods
  • The torch doesn’t affect the protective shield gas 

               Here at Rapid we have searched the market to find the best all round torch to meet the needs of the welder. Our choice for an on-torch fume extraction torch is the Rab Grip from Binzel, this torch has several different components to ensure ease of welding.

  • Highly efficient smoke removal directly at the source without affecting the protective shield gas
  • Problem free installation in all existing MIG/MAG workstations
  • Handle with extraction control and swivel joint for optimised handling

 The Rab Grip torch is available in either 4m or 5m. It can also be purchased as a package with a Plymovent PHV portable welding fume extractor.


Click here to find out more

If you would like any more information or would like to receive a product demonstration, please contact Ken, our Product Manager for Industrial Safety. You can get hold of him via email on or on 07803 898564.


The new Speedglas G5-01 flip-up heavy-duty welding helmet

by Admin 12. August 2019 11:06




Adjust your welding helmet, not yourself. Control the way you see and feel when welding. This new helmet is based on extensive input from welders doing heavy-duty, high amperage welding and grinding. The new design is as versatile as you are.

  • Protection against radiation, sparks and spatter, from a high- coverage welding helmet design with expanded coverage options available
  • View your work with Speedglas natural colour technology – with variable colour options in dark state
  • Effective respiratory protection, offering the highest safety class for powered air TH3 system
  • No need to compromise on comfort, personalise your helmet with accessory configurations and use the helmet controls to adjust the respiratory airflow to your preferences 

Natural Colour Technology: A more natural light state

Speedglas have introduced a choice of two filter options, both filters are designed to minimize eye strain when switching from dark to light state, by using an intermediate shade.

G5-01VC 1/1/1/2

Adjustable dark shades 5 (cut) and 8 to 14. Variable shade technology, which colour level is best for you? To provide a better view of the weld puddle the variable colour technology gives you three options: natural, cool or warm tones for the dark state. Determine which colour tone provides you with the best viewing contrast for your welds and the most comfort for your eyes.


G5-01TW 1/1/1/1

Adjustable dark shades 5 (cut) and 8 to 13. Tack welding model.

When tack welding, this filter uses an intermittent shade 5 light state to help minimise eye strain during extended tack welding applications. If an arc is not struck within 2 seconds the welding filter will switch back to its normal light state, shade 3.


Take control of your flow, adjust your airflow

Comfort controlled by you, the helmet duct system allows you to direct the airflow to either your face, your visor or a combination of both. You can even adjust the amount of air coming from the top outlet vs. the two side outlets or choose a blend of both. Adjustment levels can be assessed to your personal needs which you can adjust while wearing the helmet.

Adflo powered air respiratory protection

TH3 rated respiratory protection from the robust Adflo respirator.

3M Connected Equipment App

Securely pair your smartphone to your G5-01 welding filter for . . .

  • Up to ten memory modes (settings for dark shades, sensitivity, delay etc) with your phone
  • Your welding helmet maintenance log
  •  Instantly access your helmet statistics
  • View the user manual and part lists

We’re not done yet, further features include . . .

  • Light up your workspace with an optional helmet- mounted task light
  • Tailor your helmet to fit your preferences from the newly designed adjustment options and extra-large back pad
  • Configurable coverage options providing the right level of protection and a level of comfort for the welder


Product Brochure: Click here

View Online: Click here

For more information or advice don’t hesitate to contact our team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.


Job Vacancy - Rental Co-ordinator at RentArc

by Admin 16. July 2019 12:24


WORKING HOURS: 43.5 Hours per Week, Monday to Thursday (0800 to 1730) Friday (0800 to 1600) + 30 minutes paid lunch

SALARY: c£25000

HOLIDAY: 20 paid days per year + bank holidays (Some leave mandatory to cover period business is closed between Christmas and New Year)


Office based Rental Co-ordinator required for our busy, expanding company.  Based in our Hedge End, Southampton office, the focus will be;

              To assist in the day-to-day business of the Company, by running the hire desk

              Raising rental contracts

              Deal with customer enquiries

              Organise deliveries and collections

              Stock control

              General additional support for your colleagues – this is important as you will be part of a small team


              Previous work within a rental company would be useful but not essential as training will be provided

              Some knowledge of welding equipment would be useful but not essential as training will be provided

              IT literate including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

              Customer focussed team player

              In possession of a positive can-do attitude

              Calm under pressure – strict deadlines to be met.

              Attention to detail & accuracy essential.

              Excellent communicator across all colleague levels.

              The role will be fast-paced and challenging therefore you must have an adaptable and flexible attitude and approach, be prepared to work alongside your team and be driven to achieve a high level of service.

              Discretion – as this role includes access to sensitive business and personal information, a high level of integrity and confidentiality is essential.


To be considered for this job vacancy, please submit your CV to


Rapid are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for the fifth consecutive year

by Admin 16. July 2019 11:17

Rapid are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 certification for the fifth consecutive year. This award is an internationally recognised standard which specifies requirements for a quality management system.

Here at Rapid, we have demonstrated our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customer’s needs. This accreditation demonstrates our commitment to our stakeholders, providing the highest standards and continually improving our processes to ensure we are exceeding expectations.

Within the last 12 months we have had over 7 days of auditing across all three sites by a UKAS-accredited ISO 9001 certification body. We are delighted to inform everyone that no non-conformances were raised during this period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank NPT management systems, who have assisted and supported us through this process.

Click here to view a PDF copy of our certificate or for any more information on how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Meet the team - Shaun

by Admin 16. July 2019 10:10

Shaun joined the Rapid family in 2015 as a fundamental member of the sales team. Previous to joining the Rapid team, Shaun spent 4 years in the Royal Navy before taking up his role here at Rapid as a Regional Sales Manager. Shaun provides customers with the products they require along with ongoing support and expert advice. Whilst out on the road, visiting customers he enjoys seeing the variety of products being produced.

When not immersed in the world of welding Shaun enjoys spending time with his family and has a keen interest in running and is a member of his local running club.



Can I connect a CK torch to my TIG machine?

by Admin 16. July 2019 09:17

 Anyone interested in TIG welding would have heard of CK Worldwide and their contribution to TIG welding, for over 50 years they have produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry. As the sole official distributor for CK Worldwide in the UK we are continuously asked how to connect a CK torches to different brands and models of TIG machines.

All the CK TIG torches we sell at Rapid, come standard with a 3/8 BSP cable, which allows for connection to the machines. In most cases, this will require an adaptor, and the adaptor required will depend on the make and model of the TIG machine the torch is going to be connected to.

Lincoln, Kemppi and Fronius have their own adaptors which can use to connect the torches their machines.

Some examples with our most popular TIG machines: 

Fronius TransTig/ MagicWave


Air cooled gas thru connector: Click Here 

Water cooled connector: Click Here 


Lincoln Electric

Connector: Click Here 

Kemppi MasterTig 



Connector: Click Here

For the majority of other machines, we have two different connectors from CK which are most commonly used, the adaptor required will depend on the size of the dinse power connection on your machine. There are two options available either 35mm or 25mm, the correct size can be determined by measuring the dinse output on your machine or consulting the manual. The same adaptor is required for either gas cooled or water-cooled machines.

Safe-Loc Dinse Power Adaptor for water Cooled and air cooled machines


25mm Dinse: Click Here

 35mm Dinse: Click Here

If you require any further advise or have any questions about CK torches or adaptors don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.



Introducing the new MasterTig from Kemppi . . .

by Admin 10. July 2019 12:45


The new MasterTig, available from Rapid soon, sets new records for weld quality, usability and power efficiency. Designed with the professional welder in mind, this new range of machines offer a choice of power variants in 230A and 300A with 400A and 500A models following in 2020.

The modular design of these models allow you to build a machine to your required specifications. These features include alternative control panels, wireless remote controls and various transport cart options. 

With a stylish, practical and robust design the MasterTig can absorb knocks and everyday welding life. The MasterTig is the ideal component for workshop and site use, constructed from tough injection moulded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures.


Key Features

60% Faster Setup – Weld assist guides you towards the optimal setup. Tell the machines what you intend to weld, and it sets the correct parameters for easy and productive welding.

30% Increased Welding Speed – Double pulse function accelerates travel speed in DC applications and lowers heat input by 20%. Faster welding and lower material distortion.

20% Lower Noise Levels – MasterTig reduces noise levels compared to leading competitors in ACDC welding applications, allowing you to quietly concentrate on quality.

Enhanced Welding Features

Experience fast and accurate welding thanks to MicroTack. A revolutionised feature designed for multiple and repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications.

The iTec features is an engineered ignition technology tool designed for a reliable arc start that is useful for large torch extensions.

A weld time clock features enable workers to establish weld cycle measurements and job data records.


 Product Brochure: Click Here

You can’t have a new machine without a Tig torch to go with it . . .


Kemppi presents the latest in their Tig torch range; the Flexlite TX series. These Tig torches are designed for the best reliable welding performances with a focus on the process of everyday welding. All Flexlite TX products feature tremendous technical performances lifespans and there is plenty of different sizes and types to choose from to fit your welding needs. Flexlite TX welding torches provide excellent user comfort and lowers the chance of welder fatigue. A firm grip is made from silicone rubber and the torches’ innovative design reduced time in wrist loading, allowing more time to concentre on welding tasks.


Product Brochure: Click Here

 For more information on these machines or torches please contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.



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19 year old MasterTig still going for many years to come . . .

by Admin 2. July 2019 09:17

 Recently a MasterTig ACDC 3500 machine was recently spotted by one of our reps in a workshop during a site visit, the customer had written the machine off thinking it wasn’t worth being repaired due to its age. The MasterTig was bought in 2000 and used sporadically until about a year ago when a fault emerged, and it was no longer used.

After a quick assessment from our Service Department it turns out the water cooler needed repairing. With a service, repair on the water cooler and a very good clean carried out by our Service Manager, James the machine has been returned to the customer to be used for many more years to come.


If you have any welding equipment or machines which require some attention, don’t hesitate to contact our Service Department for an assessment. 

Why choose Rapid’s Service Department?

• We are ISO9001 registered, so you’re assured of a quality service.

• We employ 5 full time service personnel, over 3 sites, and hold a large stock of repair parts for a quick turnaround of your machines. 

• All our engineers are fully factory trained by major suppliers, meaning we’re a fully approved warranty and repair centre for all our brands. Your machines are repaired by competent trained engineers, saving time and money.

•All our test equipment is in calibration back to national standards. This means you can be sure our testing is accurate. Calibration certificates for our test equipment are easily available online.

•We have a fully equipped machine workshop, allowing fabrication of parts for older or obscure machines. This means we can work on machines where parts are no longer available, extending the lifetime of your machine fleet. 

• Machine asset list, with historical service / repair information and costs available on our customer portal (machines we have validated or worked on). Let’s you easily see which machines are costing you most money on repairs.

• Machine Inspection and Validation Certificates and Product Test Certificates are available any time online, with easy access for you.

For more information or to contact Rapid’s Service Department please email or call 01489 779324. 

Rapid Welding welcomes a new Product Manager for Industrial Safety

by Admin 11. June 2019 15:33

Ken is the newest member of the Rapid team and has joined us as product manager for industrial safety. With over 40 years’ experience in the engineering sector, including 10 years as a welder, he has an extensive background in the field. Ken is the go-to man for industrial safety related products including fume extraction and our new range of Cepro products.

Ken will be available for site visits to conduct, analyse and advise on the appropriate safety measures needed in your working environment.

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