Meet the team: Andy Doe, Sales Director

by Rapid Welding 14. May 2020 13:30

Meet the team: Andy DoeSales Director 


'Ask Andy'

The wonderful Mr Andy Doe has a longstanding career in the welding industry, having first studied a welding course at a local tech college while still at school. Nowadays, Andy (AKA 'Ask Andy') is the Sales Director at Rapid Welding and the man with the answers to all your welding queries.

Judging by the feedback we regularly receive, our customers find his experience and advice invaluable when making purchasing decisions.

Fun Fact: Andy's worst welding moment was using a 100 amp Plasma cutter for a whole morning without eye protection, freely admitting he was young and didn't give it the respect it deserved. The result was…he couldn’t see for two days! You've been warned people!


Here’s just a few examples of the lovely comments and feedback we’ve received about Andy!

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