Another nod to the ISO 9001 Accreditation

by Rapid Welding 27. June 2012 10:37

The ISO 9001 guidance on competence was given a nod at the Annual WJS (Welding & Joining Society) Conference which took place at The Welding Institute in Cambridge at the end of May. According to the article, delegates from the UK, Europe, India and Australia discussed 'The Importance of Welding Advances, Skills and Quality Management' over the two day seminar. Guest speakers examined the challenges faced by the industry: the growing need for - and shortage of - skilled welders alongside the rapidly growing developments in technology, as well as the need for businesses to maintain quality and improve productivity.

There is no use in developing technologies and materials if we cannot develop skills in parallel.’ Steve Jones, Rolls-Royce plc.

Rapid is currently in the process of gaining the ISO 9001 accreditation with LRQA - see blog, 19th June.



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Rapid Excellence!

by Rapid Welding 19. June 2012 10:47

Rapid has recently started the process of obtaining an ISO 9001 accreditation with LRQA, a company who have developed a new approach to assessing and improving current management systems and enabling businesses to improve their performance and effectiveness.

As a small business we want to give our customers the best possible service, making dealing with Rapid the obvious first choice every time - we're not just a bunch of pretty faces here you know, we like to do what it says on the tin and then some! At the moment, Rapid's current processes are being mapped with the idea of developing a Quality Management System that will improve our performance even more, ensuring we always meet the needs of our customers and provide the products, service and quality people really want. 

So wish us luck on our journey, and watch out for more blogs and updates on how we're getting along over the coming months.

Till next time.




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