CK Tig Promotion - Extended Due to Popular Demand!

by Rapid Welding 13. May 2016 18:07
Did you know ..... CK torch parts are compatible with all other torches using the same style of parts, meaning you can enjoy CK quality, inc the gas saver kits & clear Pyrex cups etc, whichever torch you use!
Even better, this includes the Accessory Kits featured in our current CK promotion! 
Terrific Response!
Due to a terrific response, we have decided to continue our amazing special offer of the free CK Accessory Kits as featured on our website.
Our stocks are bolstered - Why not order your FREE CK accessory kits today by clicking HERE!
Welcome to the Rapid Experience 

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Our Week at MACH 2014

by Rapid Welding 22. April 2014 19:00

Life has returned to its normal hectic pace after MACH 2014. The vans have been unpacked, the blisters have healed, the aches and pains have eased. We have lots of enquires to follow up and people to contact, so all in all it was a show stopping success.

The gang arrived on the Sunday to set up the stand - our first chance to put it together since its maiden voyage at Seawork back in September last year. We were all pleased to improve on our 'set up' time, and those of us staying rewarded ourselves with a few drinks in the hotel bar.

The Stand

Monday arrived, and after a good breakfast and a short stomp around the lake to the NEC, we were on the stand and chatting away with people. To make life interesting, we had different representatives from the team joining us throughout the week - including the guys from Rent Arc - formally Bryant Welderental, which meant we had a whole host host of expertise and fresh faces each day. For those of us in it for the duration, it was great to welcome Jeff from CK once again. We had a lot of fun - despite his flight being delayed on the outward journey - and some good interest was shown in the CK products which proved a steady draw and kept Jeff on his toes and his jet lag at bay. 


  Jeff from CK & Gary from Rapid 

Despite some heart stopping moments setting up, the TV screen stayed put and didn't malfunction (thanks to Dave driving up from Portsmouth to prep the Wi-Fi and do the technical bit!). It was a brilliant way to access the Rapid Welding website when discussing certain product solutions. We found people were impressed with the wide selection of quality brands, and the ability, speed and consistency with which Rapid supplies to its far reaching customer base.

 Throughout the week, the WorldSkills competitions drew in a large number of visitors to support the event. It saw teams competing in seven different skill areas, and many of those present at MACH will go forward to the UK finals. Plenty of budding welders stopped by the stand for a chat, and it was promising to hear a number of them speak so positively about their training and their chosen industry. Of course, they were rewarded with the requisite Rapid mouse mat/ beer mat!

 Still smiling on Friday! 

On Thursday we had a visit form Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, and Thursday night was the AWD'S annual AGM and drinks reception. Even when Friday arrived, we were all still smiling - and that's the honest truth!

So we had a brilliant week, and we've already  made enquiries to do it all over again in 2016 with some great new ideas for the stand and, of course, new outfits for the girls!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by for a chat and a cuppa, and give those of you new to the Rapid experience a very warm welcome. 

For all enquiries, please contact the team on 023 92 214 214 

Or visit the website by clicking here.


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CK Worldwide Wedge™ Collet

by Rapid Welding 17. October 2013 20:21

A lot of customers buying CK Worldwide's Wedge collet have commented that they are so much better than the old  split design. The new technology wedges the tungsten against the collet body, and with no slot, there is nothing to weaken and deform the collet, meaning it can last a whopping 10x longer than the standard version.


Not only does this patented new technology from CK Worldwide last longer, but it provides better quality welds and fits other collet bodies.

Check out this CK Worldwide video for more info on this product


Or visit Rapid's online CK store 



Happy Welding!

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Rapid Takes Vegas!

by Rapid Welding 10. October 2012 11:49


The show is called FABTECH, North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event. The venue is the Las Vegas Convention Centre....and Rapid is dropping in to say hello!

The event describes itself as 'a convenient 'one stop shop' venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all your metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs.' Running from November 12-14, the event will cover in excess of 400,000 square feet, and with 1,100 exhibiting companies it is expected to attract an attendance in excess of 25,000.

Marianne, who's a very lucky but very deserving girl, says, 'Rapid is hoping to find new, innovative products to bring to the UK as a distributor to enlighten and educate the UK market. We are buoyed by our success in becoming the sole CK agent following our attendance in Atlanta two years ago, and we already have many appointments with North America Manufacturers.'

In order to prevent downcast faces and pouty lips, which nobody wants to see, our four Rapid Representatives will also have the opportunity to enjoy their fair share of fun in the party capital too.

Watch out for our blog and follow us on Twitter, where we will keep you updated on what happens in Vegas, including news from the event, the fabulous surroundings and people, and a very special trip down memory lane....

For more information on FABTECH visit: 

Follow event on #fabtechexpo

Show days/Dates

Monday, November 12, 9.00am - 6.00pm

Tuesday, November 13, 9.00am - 5.00pm

Wednesday, November 14, 9.00am - 4.00pm








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