Rapid Gases - Air Products Maxx Cut & Weld® - Welding Gas Solutions for DIY Enthusiasts

by Rapid Welding 21. December 2016 13:46




No Rental     No Transaction Charges     Fully Tested Cylinders

Welding Gas Solutions for DIY Enthusiasts - Smaller Volumes with the Highest Levels of Weld Quality.

Excellent Penetration     Minimal Spatter     Low Fume Levels

The Air Products Maxx Cut & Weld® is the perfect answer to DIY welders looking for smaller volumes of high quality, high performance cutting and welding gases across MAG welding processes. Combining usability and convenience with all the quality standards of the Maxx® range, the Maxx Cut & Weld® is available in higher pressure industrial 200bar/230bar 10 litre cylinders, making handling easy and improving weld quality across a range of materials and thicknesses. 

The increased 200 bar / 230 bar pressure means higher content than other similar offerings! 

There is no rent to pay and refills are easy, just pop in to see us or phone 023 92 221 211!

Rapid Gases has been an agent for Air Products since 1999, and we are committed to offering a full range of welding gases to our customers, from large industrial companies to DIY welders. The new Maxx and trade shielding gases, standard industry mixtures, acetylene, argon, coogar, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen are all available in various cylinder sizes to met your requirements. From Poole to Littlehampton, with three gas sites covering Hampshire and West Sussex, we are immensely proud to provide our customers - new and old, with cylinder gas solutions and experienced, friendly support from the Rapid Gas Team.  

Welcome to the Rapid Experience  

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CK Tig Promotion - Extended Due to Popular Demand!

by Rapid Welding 13. May 2016 18:07
Did you know ..... CK torch parts are compatible with all other torches using the same style of parts, meaning you can enjoy CK quality, inc the gas saver kits & clear Pyrex cups etc, whichever torch you use!
Even better, this includes the Accessory Kits featured in our current CK promotion! 
Terrific Response!
Due to a terrific response, we have decided to continue our amazing special offer of the free CK Accessory Kits as featured on our website.
Our stocks are bolstered - Why not order your FREE CK accessory kits today by clicking HERE!
Welcome to the Rapid Experience 

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Rapid Secures Metrode Agency for Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex

by Rapid Welding 4. June 2014 10:16


 It's official! No, Kate and Will's aren't having another baby ... not that I know of anyway! This is bigger, better, infinitely more exciting than that, and in my book well worth dusting off the bunting.

 Rapid Welding is now an agent for the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of alloyed welding consumables, Metrode!



Founded in 1963, Metrode is partnered with Lincoln Electric Europe as a business unit supplying one of the largest ranges of alloyed welding consumables, reaching power generation industries, chemical and petrochemical and offshore oil and gas.

Rapid Welding is now one of Metrode's proud UK distributers, working hard to ensure a wide range of welding consumables are easily and readily available to customers via the website. 

For more information on Metrode, click here, or to visit the Rapid experience and view the great range of Metrode products as well as our other great offers, simply visit http://rapidwelding.com/

As always our in-house expert, Andy, is available to chat online or over the phone on (0)23 92 214 214.



 Keeping Welders Welding!


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The Rapid Knowledge Centre is growing !

by Rapid Welding 18. May 2012 09:19

The Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre is expanding all the time...

As well as Manuals and Operator Guides for lots of the equipment, we've now added Process Information.


The Knowledge Centre Document Library contains the manuals and operator guides. You can easily see which machines the documents are for and you can also see the documents available for each machine from the item pages in the website.

Click the image above, or click here to go to the Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre.

Rapid Welding Knowledge Centre

Our New Knowledge Centre has Machine Manuals, Operator Guides, Videos, Hint's and Tips....

Click here to
Expand YOUR Knowledge