PlasmaCAM - An Affordable CNC Plasma System

by Rapid Welding 29. May 2012 14:38


PlasmaCAM is a robotic plasma cutting table that can turn any design idea - from your own drawings to imported pictures or files off the internet - into finished pieces of metal art work. One off garden sculptures & features, signs & plaques, lettering & numbers, mass produced mechanical parts & geometric shapes can be easily achieved - the diversity only proves how important welding is as part of work and life today. And the best bit is you don't have to be a computer buff  or have a degree in computer software to learn how to use the PlasmaCAM. The software is a windows-based program that runs on your home or works computer, and the robotic cutting table plugs in like a printer!   

The possibilities are endless...... 


 Key features of PlasmaCAM: 

  • Complete integrated cutting system.
  • Draw and edit your designs in a time efficient manner.
  • Simple or complex projects easy to realise.
  • Accurate drawings/dimensions for cutting geometric parts and custom fittings.   
  • Copy and place multiple arrays for maximum efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Variable cutting speed.
  • Cut as many copies as you want.

  Rapid is now an offiially appointed UK agent for PlasmaCAM. For more detailed information and to view the full range of plasma cutting machines for 110V, 240V, 415V power sources, visit the website or give us a call on 02392 214 214 to discuss which model best suits you.




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