Can I connect a CK torch to my TIG machine?

by Admin 16. July 2019 09:17

 Anyone interested in TIG welding would have heard of CK Worldwide and their contribution to TIG welding, for over 50 years they have produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry. As the sole official distributor for CK Worldwide in the UK we are continuously asked how to connect a CK torches to different brands and models of TIG machines.

All the CK TIG torches we sell at Rapid, come standard with a 3/8 BSP cable, which allows for connection to the machines. In most cases, this will require an adaptor, and the adaptor required will depend on the make and model of the TIG machine the torch is going to be connected to.

Lincoln, Kemppi and Fronius have their own adaptors which can use to connect the torches their machines.

Some examples with our most popular TIG machines: 

Fronius TransTig/ MagicWave


Air cooled gas thru connector: Click Here 

Water cooled connector: Click Here 


Lincoln Electric

Connector: Click Here 

Kemppi MasterTig 



Connector: Click Here

For the majority of other machines, we have two different connectors from CK which are most commonly used, the adaptor required will depend on the size of the dinse power connection on your machine. There are two options available either 35mm or 25mm, the correct size can be determined by measuring the dinse output on your machine or consulting the manual. The same adaptor is required for either gas cooled or water-cooled machines.

Safe-Loc Dinse Power Adaptor for water Cooled and air cooled machines


25mm Dinse: Click Here

 35mm Dinse: Click Here

If you require any further advise or have any questions about CK torches or adaptors don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.



Introducing the new MasterTig from Kemppi . . .

by Admin 10. July 2019 12:45


The new MasterTig, available from Rapid soon, sets new records for weld quality, usability and power efficiency. Designed with the professional welder in mind, this new range of machines offer a choice of power variants in 230A and 300A with 400A and 500A models following in 2020.

The modular design of these models allow you to build a machine to your required specifications. These features include alternative control panels, wireless remote controls and various transport cart options. 

With a stylish, practical and robust design the MasterTig can absorb knocks and everyday welding life. The MasterTig is the ideal component for workshop and site use, constructed from tough injection moulded plastic, featuring impact bridge protection structures.


Key Features

60% Faster Setup – Weld assist guides you towards the optimal setup. Tell the machines what you intend to weld, and it sets the correct parameters for easy and productive welding.

30% Increased Welding Speed – Double pulse function accelerates travel speed in DC applications and lowers heat input by 20%. Faster welding and lower material distortion.

20% Lower Noise Levels – MasterTig reduces noise levels compared to leading competitors in ACDC welding applications, allowing you to quietly concentrate on quality.

Enhanced Welding Features

Experience fast and accurate welding thanks to MicroTack. A revolutionised feature designed for multiple and repetitive tacking on thin sheet applications.

The iTec features is an engineered ignition technology tool designed for a reliable arc start that is useful for large torch extensions.

A weld time clock features enable workers to establish weld cycle measurements and job data records.


 Product Brochure: Click Here

You can’t have a new machine without a Tig torch to go with it . . .


Kemppi presents the latest in their Tig torch range; the Flexlite TX series. These Tig torches are designed for the best reliable welding performances with a focus on the process of everyday welding. All Flexlite TX products feature tremendous technical performances lifespans and there is plenty of different sizes and types to choose from to fit your welding needs. Flexlite TX welding torches provide excellent user comfort and lowers the chance of welder fatigue. A firm grip is made from silicone rubber and the torches’ innovative design reduced time in wrist loading, allowing more time to concentre on welding tasks.


Product Brochure: Click Here

 For more information on these machines or torches please contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.



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19 year old MasterTig still going for many years to come . . .

by Admin 2. July 2019 09:17

 Recently a MasterTig ACDC 3500 machine was recently spotted by one of our reps in a workshop during a site visit, the customer had written the machine off thinking it wasn’t worth being repaired due to its age. The MasterTig was bought in 2000 and used sporadically until about a year ago when a fault emerged, and it was no longer used.

After a quick assessment from our Service Department it turns out the water cooler needed repairing. With a service, repair on the water cooler and a very good clean carried out by our Service Manager, James the machine has been returned to the customer to be used for many more years to come.


If you have any welding equipment or machines which require some attention, don’t hesitate to contact our Service Department for an assessment. 

Why choose Rapid’s Service Department?

• We are ISO9001 registered, so you’re assured of a quality service.

• We employ 5 full time service personnel, over 3 sites, and hold a large stock of repair parts for a quick turnaround of your machines. 

• All our engineers are fully factory trained by major suppliers, meaning we’re a fully approved warranty and repair centre for all our brands. Your machines are repaired by competent trained engineers, saving time and money.

•All our test equipment is in calibration back to national standards. This means you can be sure our testing is accurate. Calibration certificates for our test equipment are easily available online.

•We have a fully equipped machine workshop, allowing fabrication of parts for older or obscure machines. This means we can work on machines where parts are no longer available, extending the lifetime of your machine fleet. 

• Machine asset list, with historical service / repair information and costs available on our customer portal (machines we have validated or worked on). Let’s you easily see which machines are costing you most money on repairs.

• Machine Inspection and Validation Certificates and Product Test Certificates are available any time online, with easy access for you.

For more information or to contact Rapid’s Service Department please email or call 01489 779324. 

Rapid Welding welcomes a new Product Manager for Industrial Safety

by Admin 11. June 2019 15:33

Ken is the newest member of the Rapid team and has joined us as product manager for industrial safety. With over 40 years’ experience in the engineering sector, including 10 years as a welder, he has an extensive background in the field. Ken is the go-to man for industrial safety related products including fume extraction and our new range of Cepro products.

Ken will be available for site visits to conduct, analyse and advise on the appropriate safety measures needed in your working environment.

Welding Curtains, Strips & Screens

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The welder is protected with a welding mask and protective clothing, but have you considered the bystanders who are also exposed to hazards created by the welding process? It is important to protect bystanders too as unprotected exposure to welding can cause illnesses like conjunctivitis, arc eye, cataract and skin burns.

When creating a designated welding area or bay, it’s important to consider all involved. The designated area does not want to be isolated from other work areas so its important to have a transparent material, this is also important in case of emergencies and situations which require a fast reaction; therefore, the majority of solutions are made from PVC material. However, canvas products are also widely available.

When buying a welding curtain, strips or a screen it’s important to consider all the options available to ensure you get the right solution for you.

Curtain, Strips or a Screen?



Welding strips and curtains offer the same visual protection. The choice between the two options is based on mechanical load, when the mechanical load is heavy, strips are recommended.

A curtain is usually one sheet which is mounted at the top on a frame with curtain rings securing the curtain. Curtains come in different sizes and can be made to measure if required. Its important to consider whether your curtain is supplied with eyelets for ease of hanging.

Strips are made from the same material as a curtain, however, are hung separately, in strips with an overlap. When purchased, strips come in a roll, so its important to have accurate measurements of area designated and the ability to hang them.

Welding screens are mounted in a metal frame with a curtain hung in the middle, usually fastened on all four sides. These are supplied on wheels so they can easily be manoeuvred around a workshop when there are variations of the welding position of a large job.

Why do they come in different colours? What’s the difference?

The colour of the welding curtain makes little difference to its performance; However, the translucency of the colour is an important area for consideration. Some curtains will allow enough light to get into the welding bay, so you are able to see an outline from outside the bay. This will allow passers-by to see if someone is working inside. Canvas curtains and some darker PVC coloured options do not let any light into the bay, therefore only when someone is welding can you see there is someone working.

Other things to consider

         Certification: ISO EN 25980, this standard ensures that companies all round the world can be assured they implement high quality and safe products in their workspace. Ensure the products you select adhere to this.

         Quality: Ensure the product you buy is resistant to abrasion, tearing and weld spatter. Some curtains are self-extinguishing and can therefore also withstand welding sparks.

         Sizes: Ensure you know the size of the curtain you require. If you are going to use strips, consider the length of the roll and how much overlap you require.

         Access to the welding area: ensure you have the ability to create an opening where required.

Here at Rapid we supply a wide range of solutions to meet every requirement. All curtains, strips and screens are quality assured and comply with ISO EN 25980. They are available to shop online, click here.

If you require any further advise or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.


Crystal clear vision and the ultimate respiratory protection . . .

by Admin 11. June 2019 10:08


The new Optrel Crystal 2.0 is now available from Rapid as a complete air fed package. 

What could you achieve with a practically unclouded and clear view of your working environment?


The new Crystal 2.0 sets a new record with an incredibly low shade 2 light state. This new development reduces the need for a flip up visor. This, in combination with the almost perfect colour spectrum, helps the welder to have a clear view of their working environment. With a clearer view of the job in hand, this helmet has the ability to improve the weld and assist the welder in perfecting a given task.  

Do you know what shade level you should be working at for different welding processes and jobs? The auto pilot feature automatically adjusts the dark shade depending on what you are welding, this eliminates the need to manually change settings for different jobs.

Key Features

Crystal Lens Technology 2.0 - See clearly what happens before, during and after the welding process.
Autopilot Shade Level 4 to 12 - Your welding helmet automatically adapts to changing light conditions.
Twilight Function - You can always remain relaxed, even in case of fast lighting changes.
Sensitivity Control - Adapts the helmet to your environment and requirements.
Grind Mode - The brightest vision during grinding work ever to be offered by a welding helmet.
Heat-Reflecting Paint - Helping you keep a cool head at all times.

" The difference between other welding helmets and the Crystal 2.0 is like the difference between watching black and white TV and colour TV " 
 Review from a very happy welder and owner of the new Crystal 2.0

The e3000 PAPR system

The e3000 PAPR system compliments the Optrel Crystal, providing the best protection in terms of safety, health and comfort. Safety regulations state that air flow on a PAPR systems must be checked before every use, the e3000 automatically checks this when the system it turned on, unlike other options which require a manual air flow check.

Highest safety class (TH3)
Protects reliably from smoke, aerosols and dust
Integrated, automatic air flow control
Mountain breeze odour filter, increasing comfort
Improved working conditions for greater efficiency, comfort and better performance

For more information on this helmet or any others, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

 Optrel Crystal 2.0 and E3000 10 hour PAPR System


 Optrel Crystal 2.0 and E3000 20 hour PAPR System


Optrel Crystal - Helmet Only (not for PAPR)



Watch, Ken's overview of the Optrel Crystal 2.0 PAPR System

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Welding Helmet Buying Guide

by Admin 30. October 2018 15:15

Not too sure which helmet is right for you? Check out this buying guide to help you choose! 

One of the most essential pieces of equipment when welding is a welding helmet.

The welding helmet plays multiple health and safety roles during the welding process. The correct helmet should provide complete protection, from flying materials to the blinding lights. The purpose of this welding helmet buying guide is to ensure you not only select the correct helmet for your welding applications but for the safety of the welder themselves.

Passive Vs Auto Darkening

A passive lens helmet has a fixed shade, the helmet is worn in the up position while the electrode, gun or torch is positioned. With a quick nod or snap of the neck the operator can flip the helmet into position before striking the arc. For the operator who doesn’t weld often they can find it difficult to position and hold the electrode while snapping the helmet into place.

Auto Darkening

Auto darkening helmets allow for wearing during the positioning of the electrode, gun or torch. This is due to the range of shade lowering usually down to shade 3 or 4, allowing for positioning of the welding equipment, whilst the helmet is in place. When the sensors detect the arc, the lens darkens. This can potentially improve weld quality as there is no movement required before welding can commence.

Fixed/ variable shade

On fixed shade auto darkening helmets, when an arc is detected the helmet will automatically change to the shade opted for on the control dial of the helmet, this doesn’t mean it’s the correct one for the application. If you tend to weld the same application with the same number of amps, this could be the helmet for you. However, if you are continually changing between jobs a variable shade helmet maybe the ideal solution.

Commonly welders do not change the shade for different amps or applications nor do they know exactly what shade they should be on (see table below for correct shades). If you don’t know the right shade for your application, then let the helmet choose for you, choose a model of helmet which can detect and automatically select the correct shade level. This is a new Optrel feature which can be found on their E684 and Panoramaxx helmets, this is also known as autopilot lens detection.

Lens Reaction Time

When switching from setting up your weld to the actual welding consider the lens reaction time, in most cases the quicker the better. The more arc’s you strike in a day the more you’ll appreciate a quicker speed. Some helmets have an adjustable display control, this allows for the lens to stay darker for a period once the arc has stopped, this would be beneficial when welding at high amperages, as molten metal may still emit harmful rays while it cools.

Optical Clarity

The optical clarity defines the quality of view you get through the helmet, you wouldn’t buy a cheap pair of sunglasses, so don’t let the quality slip when it comes to welding, after all you only get one set of eyes!

Optical clarity is governed by European Standards for the welding industry, the standard is known as EN379. Ratings are determined by tests that measure light transmission across the cartridge as well as lights from the cartridge layers. The ratings are displayed as numbers, each defining an aspect: Optical class (distortion), diffusion of light (blurry image), variations on luminous transmittance (even shade) and angle dependence. Ratings are graded on a scale of 1 to 3 in each class. A score of 1 is perfect, while 3 is the worst rating. So, the perfect clarity score is 1/1/1/1.

Viewing Size

The bigger the better right? Not necessarily in this case! Consider your environment when selecting the viewing size of your helmet. The bigger the viewing size, the bigger the helmet and possibly the heavier the helmet.

Number of Sensors

Helmets usually range from 2 sensors to 4. The more sensors the better coverage, if you are welding in restricted areas sensors could be obstructed, therefore the more the better.

Other Things to Consider

Availability of cheater lenses

Power source – Battery powered or battery and solar powered

Comfort — Ensure the helmet has a good fit or has changeable head gear. When wearing the helmet for longer periods, ensure weight is kept to a minimum.  

Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) – Do you require a fresh air unit on your helmet or may require one in the future? Check out the availability of an upgrade to a fresh air unit. PAPR are air fed helmets which supply filtered air back into the helmet to ensure the welder does not breathe in welding fumes.

If we’ve given you too much to think about, don’t hesitate to contact our sales team who will be able to assist in selecting the correct welding helmet for you, or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.

Now for the fun bit . . .

Now you’ve got an idea of the requirements for your desired helmet, let’s review some possibilities.

If you’ve decided you require the Elvis Presley (King) of the welding helmet range, look no further than the Optrel Panoramaxx auto darkening helmet with a E3000 PAPR system everything you could possibly require in a helmet.

• 6-times larger field-of-view compared to standard helmets

• Autopilot, detection of the arc brightness to automatically set the correct shade level

• Fully-automated shade level adjustment

• True Colour View

• Shade level 2.5 in inactive mode

• New energy concept with Lithium-polymere battery

• Optical clarity: 1/1/1/2

Maybe you want something close but not quite top of the range with a more reasonable price tag, the Weldline Goldenark the David Bowie of the welding helmet range, the general all-rounder with a bit of attitude, something a little more fashionable. The GOLDENARK is a high technology welding helmet for any application and gives the ultimate welder protection. 

• New comfortable and adjustable headgear

• Suitable for all applications

• Low battery indicator

• 4 operating modes: Welding, Cutting, Grinding & X-mode

• Low battery indicator

• External grind mode button

• ADF with digital display, showing shade and settings

• Welding mode shade 9 - 13, Cutting mode, shade 5 - 9 and Shade 4 grind mode

• Optical clarity: 1/1/1/2

Neither of those interest you? meet the Jimi Hendrix, great all-rounder with the ability of being the most influential. The Lincoln Viking 3350 Motorhead is Lincoln's top of the line welding helmet series, providing the very best in optical clarity and the largest viewing area in its class.

• Perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity

• Continuously variable 5 - 13 shade with internal control

• Continuously variable sensitivity and delay

• Grind mode

• 4 arc sensors

• Magnifying cheater lens capability

• Solar powered with replaceable battery

Fancy something with a bit more energy, invigorating and inspiring? Check out this limited addition Lincoln Electric Weldline Street art Chameleon, with only 64 available in the UK you're guaranteed to inspire your colleagues, Paul McCartney style. This helmet has a solar cell for power and a replaceable AAA battery, this is unusual in a helmet at this price point.

• Covering shape for an optimized head protection

• 4 plans adjustable headgear delivered with comfort cushion (for CHAMELEON 4 V+)

• Optical clarity: 1/1/1/2

• Auto-start: the LCD cell automatically turns on

• Reset button: press the reset button twice to re-initialize the original parameter

• The low battery indicator lights when 2-3 days of battery life remain

Still not too sure? Shop the full range of helmets available from Rapid here

Try before you buy and see the difference in helmets at our facilities in Portchester, Portsmouth. We have these helmets and many more on display for you to try before you buy.

Alternatively, if we’ve given you too much to think about or would like some more options to suit your needs please contact our sales team, or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.