Plymovent Diluter - for a cleaner, healthier work environment

by Rapid Welding 3. July 2014 09:40

Plymovent Diluter - For a Cleaner, Healthier Work Environment

Suitable ventilation and air cleaning solutions are a must to protect employees and sensitive equipment from welding fumes. 

The Diluter from Plymovent is a stand alone air cleaning solution designed for light to medium welding processes and developed to reduce and control the background concentration of welding fumes in a workshop. First introduced in 2006, the function works by cleaning air and recirculating it back into the work environment without causing drafts at work level, and is an excellent choice if source extraction and hoods are not an option. Targeting welding fumes, the Diluter's nozzles can be rotated to optimise airflow and minimise the concentration of fumes in the workplace, immediately noticeable as the visual 'blue layer' disappears. As well as  having a low energy consumption, thus saving costs, adjustments can be made to the Diluters height, speed and direction of blow. It doesn’t require ducting, meaning it can be moved around the work place to suit multiple layouts and applications, making it a flexible option for you welders on the move. 

Benefits at a glance: 

  • Reduction of the background concentration of welding fumes
  • Continuous purification of (polluted) air
  • Energy saving; recirculation of expensively heated or cooled air
  • Stand alone unit; no ductwork required
  • Suits almost any work environment
  • Easy to install 

Rapid is an official distributer for Plymovent solutions. For more information and specifics, call or connect online with our lovely Andy on: (0)23 92 214 214 or for more information and to view the product click HERE.

For more information on Plymovent solutions, visit their website:  


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..... And They Did It!!!!!!!! A Midnight Walk to Remember

by Rapid Welding 23. June 2014 13:25

A HUGE Well done to Debs Knight, Nicky Green & Rapid's own Marianne Edwards for completing the 20 mile Night to Remember Midnight Walk in 5 hours and 5 minutes, helping raise over £143000,00 for St Barnabas House.



A Night to Remember!

by Rapid Welding 17. June 2014 15:48

Every now and again we like to bring you something a little different that isn't welding related, and when a member of the Rapid team gets up to something a bit special out of hours, we feel it is only right to share - with their permission, of course.

This weekend our lovely Marianne Edwards will be walking the walk from Worthing to Shoreham - a whopping 20 miles. And as if that isn't enough, she's doing it at midnight! 

Now, this isn't just a keep fit exercise, although Marianne and her very good friend Joby - who she has known since they were both 4 years old (collective Ahhhhh) - are no strangers to clocking up the miles. They started walking 8 years ago and each year have done a challenge together.

Joby & Marianne on their London to Brighton challenge last year - yes, you have read that correctly!

This year the challenge is a walk in aid of St Barnabas House - a service dedicated to giving local people the choice over where they receive end of life care. Over the last six years the walk has raised over £900,000, and this year the total amount raised is set to exceed £1 million! 

I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing Marianne, Joby, and their fellow lady walkers all the best for this coming weekend.  

Get those arms swinging and the tunes pumping girls!! 

To find out more about St Barnabas Hospice and the Night to Remember Midnight Walk, here are the website details:



We'll let you know how our girls get on next week.

Till then ..... Keeeeeeeeeep welding!






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Rapid Secures Metrode Agency for Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex

by Rapid Welding 4. June 2014 10:16


 It's official! No, Kate and Will's aren't having another baby ... not that I know of anyway! This is bigger, better, infinitely more exciting than that, and in my book well worth dusting off the bunting.

 Rapid Welding is now an agent for the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of alloyed welding consumables, Metrode!



Founded in 1963, Metrode is partnered with Lincoln Electric Europe as a business unit supplying one of the largest ranges of alloyed welding consumables, reaching power generation industries, chemical and petrochemical and offshore oil and gas.

Rapid Welding is now one of Metrode's proud UK distributers, working hard to ensure a wide range of welding consumables are easily and readily available to customers via the website. 

For more information on Metrode, click here, or to visit the Rapid experience and view the great range of Metrode products as well as our other great offers, simply visit

As always our in-house expert, Andy, is available to chat online or over the phone on (0)23 92 214 214.



 Keeping Welders Welding!


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Rapid's turning all flowery!

by Rapid Welding 21. May 2014 14:48

 Well, the Chelsea flower Show 2014 got underway in London's Royal Hospital gardens yesterday. Attended by 157,000 visitors each year, it is probably one of the most famous venues in the world for horticultural displays and inspiration. I hear even the Queen is a fan! 

This year the event is running from the 20th - 24th May, and if you have tickets we hope you enjoy the spectacle. While your there though, enjoying the flowers, do spare a thought for the many talented welders who have provided their input. Each year metal art is somehow cleverly integrated into the displays - remember the laser cut QR code from a couple of years back? Well, there looks to be some incredible pieces of work this year too.

 Firepit by Andy Gage as featured at Chelsea Flower Show 2014

According to the Telegraph's online blog which is covering the event in real time, Essex farmer, Andy Gage, had 'never done any metalwork before, but when he couldn't find a patio heater he liked he decided to make his own'. Well there you go. Let that be inspiration to us all!

And it's a small world, because one of our wonderful customers, Collin Phillip's of Designer Blacksmith (check out his website here) has made an amazing metal tree which is on the Hillier stand this year. See below.

What an incredible achievement Collin. We think your work looks fabulous. 

From all at Rapid, well done, and let us know how the stand is received. 

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Don't we scrub up nicely ...

by Rapid Welding 16. May 2014 11:25

We were very kindly sent this picture of our stand at MACH 2014.

Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage (second on left), accompanied by Phil Tranter, AWD National Chairman (far right), stopped by for a visit ahead of the AGM.


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SkillWeld 2014 Semi Final in Northern Ireland

by Rapid Welding 14. May 2014 15:53


SkillWeld 2014 Semi finalist 

The SkillWeld 2014 event took place on the 8th May in Northern Ireland at the Ballymena Campus, and we were very pleased to be sent this picture of one of the semi finalists who, we think, looks very happy with his prize.

The Save Phace welding helmets - as sponsored by Air Products and with the addition of their logo, were purchased through Rapid and don't they look great! 

Skillweld is a competition based in the UK for trainee welders of all ages with good levels of skills in MMA. MIG/MAG. The national final is to be held during The Skills Show at the NEC in Birmingham later on this year, and aims to give participants the chance to not only be involved in the UK'S premier craft and welding skill competition, but to raise the profile of the industry and compete on a national and international platform.

For more information on SkillWeld, visit The Welding Institute website. 

More information on Save Phace Welding helmets can be found here.




Happy Welding









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Our Week at MACH 2014

by Rapid Welding 22. April 2014 19:00

Life has returned to its normal hectic pace after MACH 2014. The vans have been unpacked, the blisters have healed, the aches and pains have eased. We have lots of enquires to follow up and people to contact, so all in all it was a show stopping success.

The gang arrived on the Sunday to set up the stand - our first chance to put it together since its maiden voyage at Seawork back in September last year. We were all pleased to improve on our 'set up' time, and those of us staying rewarded ourselves with a few drinks in the hotel bar.

The Stand

Monday arrived, and after a good breakfast and a short stomp around the lake to the NEC, we were on the stand and chatting away with people. To make life interesting, we had different representatives from the team joining us throughout the week - including the guys from Rent Arc - formally Bryant Welderental, which meant we had a whole host host of expertise and fresh faces each day. For those of us in it for the duration, it was great to welcome Jeff from CK once again. We had a lot of fun - despite his flight being delayed on the outward journey - and some good interest was shown in the CK products which proved a steady draw and kept Jeff on his toes and his jet lag at bay. 


  Jeff from CK & Gary from Rapid 

Despite some heart stopping moments setting up, the TV screen stayed put and didn't malfunction (thanks to Dave driving up from Portsmouth to prep the Wi-Fi and do the technical bit!). It was a brilliant way to access the Rapid Welding website when discussing certain product solutions. We found people were impressed with the wide selection of quality brands, and the ability, speed and consistency with which Rapid supplies to its far reaching customer base.

 Throughout the week, the WorldSkills competitions drew in a large number of visitors to support the event. It saw teams competing in seven different skill areas, and many of those present at MACH will go forward to the UK finals. Plenty of budding welders stopped by the stand for a chat, and it was promising to hear a number of them speak so positively about their training and their chosen industry. Of course, they were rewarded with the requisite Rapid mouse mat/ beer mat!

 Still smiling on Friday! 

On Thursday we had a visit form Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, and Thursday night was the AWD'S annual AGM and drinks reception. Even when Friday arrived, we were all still smiling - and that's the honest truth!

So we had a brilliant week, and we've already  made enquiries to do it all over again in 2016 with some great new ideas for the stand and, of course, new outfits for the girls!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by for a chat and a cuppa, and give those of you new to the Rapid experience a very warm welcome. 

For all enquiries, please contact the team on 023 92 214 214 

Or visit the website by clicking here.


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Fronius AccuPocket 150 - Now Available at Rapid

by Rapid Welding 27. March 2014 09:34

This rechargeable cordless welder is now available from Rapid.

For those of you out in the field, welding in remote locations and struggling with generator or mains power sources, here's a good one for you. AccuPocket is a worlds first, providing answers to common mobile welding issues with its built in power reserve, compact dimensions and low weight (11kg with batteries). The AccuPocket is reliable too, functioning off a high-performance ironphosphate- based lithium-ion (LiFePO4) battery with a capacity of approx. 400 Wh. These batteries also have a long lifespan, are extremely powerful (Capable of welding up to six 3.2mm electrodes or up to 18 2.5mm electrodes), and offer relevant safety features such as protection against over charging, over heating, and short circuiting.



This Package is now available from Rapid and includes:

  • AccuPocket 150 Power Source
  • ActiveCharger 1000 Battery Charger
  • 3m MMA Cable Set
  • Hand Shield with Shade 9 & Clear Lens
  • Wire Brush
  • Welding Gloves
  • Large Carry Case with Wheel Trolley Function

Check out this video to see why Accupocket might be the solution for you. 

 For more information on this product contact Andy online or telephone: (0)23 92 214 214
Click here for more information about Fronius.
Happy Welding



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MACH 2014 Update - It's Time To Get Involved!

by Rapid Welding 18. March 2014 10:26

With the show only weeks away, everyone is working hard at Rapid to make sure everything goes smoothly and the week equals & hopefully exceeds the success of 2012, our maiden exhibition. We'll be showcasing products from Kemppi, CK, Hypertherm and Plymovent to name but a few.

According to the MTA  (Manufacturing Technologies Association), there is an overall increase in exhibitors from 2012, with some big new names such as Rolls Royce and Airbus joining the throng. There are plenty of returning businesses as well, like our good selves, and pre registration for visitors is also recorded as being on the up, emphasising the general enthusiasm and positivity for engineering at all levels at the moment. 

Rapid will be returning to the Welding World Village on stand 4921e, so feel free to visit us for a chat and a catch up.

Check out our online profile at MACH and read about the exciting products we'll be showcasing this year.

It's time to get involved!


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