Meet Andy - Rapid's Online Specialist!

by Rapid Welding 25. September 2012 08:22

Meet Andy!

 'Our' Andy is on the front line when it comes to advising customers, answering queries, and going through product choices over the telephone. His cute dimples and charismatic smile beams from the top of the homepage every time you access the website, and with glowing customer reports as to the service he provides, we decided to delve a bit deeper and learn about the man behind the knowledge. I managed to pin Andy down in a rare moment off the phone and between web chats, to ask a few questions about welding, life, and his rise to becoming Rapids Online Specialist!  

Q.       Andy, what first sparked your interest in the welding industry? 

A.     I did a welding course at a local tech college when I was still at school, then did more welding for my Engineering apprenticeship.

Q.       What was your first weld job?

A.     Joining Universal Welding Alloys in Chessington in 1987

Q.       Worst Welding moment? 

A.     Using a 100 amp Plasma cutter for a whole morning without eye protection. I was young and never gave it the respect it deserved. I didn’t see for 2 days.

Q.       If you hadn’t gone into welding, what would you be doing now?

A.      Enjoying Retirement!

Q.       Worst thing about working in the welding industry?

A.     Lack of planning. Why is almost everything needed yesterday ?

Q.       If you were a customer, why would you choose Rapid?

A.     Because you know you will receive a quality product. We don’t buy anything we would not be happy to receive ourselves.

Q.       Favourite welding process and why? 

A.     Submerged Arc. Great speed and great quality, and so under-used. It will go down to 3mm material if needed and is pretty simple to set up.

Q.       Do you always smile for pictures?

A.     Certainly do. I have dimples and the Ladies love them.

Q.       Biggest pet hate?

A.     Radio Jingles. I turn off  Radio 2 everyday at 5.05pm to avoid the Simon Mayo Jingle.  I don’t even listen to commercial radio because of  the advertising Jingles.

Q.     Perfect day?

A.    Sailing in the Solent

Q.      Music you would get up and dance to? 

A.    The Spin Doctors -  Two Princes

Q.      One thing you wish you’d known when you were young?

A.     Never argue with a Female. Or even try to work them out.

Q.       What do you drink with dinner?

A.     Guinness. It's not just for breakfast you know !

Q.       The title or nickname your colleagues would give you?

A.     Maverick

Q.       You would be the person most likely to ….. at a works party? 

A.     Drink 20 pints and shout “Who wants a Lift?” 



Why Rapid's Customers love Andy.......

"Thanks for your excellent service. The online chat helped me choose the right equipment. You have welded me to your website."

"Andy sorted it out within 15 minutes of my enquiry."

"Very good general advice. If you are hobbyists don't hesitate to call's not just the professionals they deal with."

"The online question and answer service was very useful."


Thanks Andy



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