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by Rapid Welding 5. September 2016 12:58

 ESAB Gas Inspectors Courses.

If not properly maintained, Gas equipment can be a hazard, and using unsafe or unchecked equipment could result in serious injuries in the work place.

The importance of relevant and regular checks to the integrity and safety of equipment, and the potential defects and hazards that may occur, is one of the reasons why we keep members of the Rapid team up to date with the relevant training. Earlier this month, one of our guys undertook a two day City & Guilds accredited Inspectors Training course, with another set to complete his training at the end of the month.

 The course, delivered by Esab, is designed to qualify personnel to conduct full safety checks on individual oxy-fuel gas welding systems, and involves theoretical instruction on oxy-fuel gas safety, the properties of gases, safe use and operation of systems, as well as risk assessment in accordance with current legal requirements. Running alongside the theory is invaluable practical training on how to fully test an oxy-fuel gas station and pass it off for safe use.

In the context of the BCGA CP7 Code of Practice, it states that gas equipment should be tested annually by a "suitably trained person". At Rapid, safety comes first and foremost, and we want to do everything we can to assist our customers. In order to achieve this, we've made sure members our team have the necessary training, skills and knowledge to carry out the practical safety aspects of oxy-fuel gas systems. 

Call us today on 023 92 221 211 to book your gas equipment safety check.

To find out more about Accredited training from Esab, click HERE. 

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