Can I connect a CK torch to my TIG machine?

by Admin 16. July 2019 09:17

 Anyone interested in TIG welding would have heard of CK Worldwide and their contribution to TIG welding, for over 50 years they have produced the highest quality TIG torches and accessories in the industry. As the sole official distributor for CK Worldwide in the UK we are continuously asked how to connect a CK torches to different brands and models of TIG machines.

All the CK TIG torches we sell at Rapid, come standard with a 3/8 BSP cable, which allows for connection to the machines. In most cases, this will require an adaptor, and the adaptor required will depend on the make and model of the TIG machine the torch is going to be connected to.

Lincoln, Kemppi and Fronius have their own adaptors which can use to connect the torches their machines.

Some examples with our most popular TIG machines: 

Fronius TransTig/ MagicWave


Air cooled gas thru connector: Click Here 

Water cooled connector: Click Here 


Lincoln Electric

Connector: Click Here 

Kemppi MasterTig 



Connector: Click Here

For the majority of other machines, we have two different connectors from CK which are most commonly used, the adaptor required will depend on the size of the dinse power connection on your machine. There are two options available either 35mm or 25mm, the correct size can be determined by measuring the dinse output on your machine or consulting the manual. The same adaptor is required for either gas cooled or water-cooled machines.

Safe-Loc Dinse Power Adaptor for water Cooled and air cooled machines


25mm Dinse: Click Here

 35mm Dinse: Click Here

If you require any further advise or have any questions about CK torches or adaptors don’t hesitate to contact our sales team: or on +44 (0)23 92 214 214.



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