Choosing the best way to clean your Tig Welds . . .

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Effective finishing and cleaning of a Tig weld is a crucial part of the post welding process.

The welding process can cause discolouration, heat tints and burn marks. Removing these can subsequently improve corrosion resistance, which in the long run will increase the durability of a weld and preserve the physical properties of the metal surface and weld.

When produced stainless steel has a chromium oxide film which is formed on the surface during production. The fabrication process can damage this film through scratches, the formation of surface oxides and embedded iron, this causes areas of lower corrosion resistance. To restore the protective surface areas can be treated and cleaned.


Pickling Paste

The traditional method of using pickling paste is slowly being filtered out due to the time-consuming method and potentially dangerous chemicals involved. If pickling paste is the chosen method, it is important to ensure the correct procedures are in place. These can be found of the HSE website by clicking here.

Electrolytic Weld Cleaning

Electrolytic weld cleaning is the ideal cost-effective solution to ensure clean and durable welds. This is an extremely quick solution and considered to be very safe in comparison to the hazardous process of applying pickling paste or exposure to excessive amounts of grinding dust.

The electrolytic weld cleaning process is very simple. An electrolytic cleaning fluid is applied to the surface of the weld using a conducive welding brush. When the electric current is applied the desired effect of cleaning and passivation occurs. This is a quick process which removes the iron-based oxides from stainless steel Tig welds, leaving the bright finish on the weld.

Affordable Weld Cleaner

The Telwin Cleantech 200 is an innovative TIG and MIG cleaning system. The Cleantech 200 is accurate and can give 100% in every job and task imaginable.

This machine will restore shine to stainless steel by eliminating elements of discolouration and oxidation at an astonishing pace. The kit contains two parts; the Cleantech 200 Welding Machine, with work clamp with 1.8m cable, dinse plug and handle kit and the cleaning kit, with 2x threaded pins, brush kit, tip kit, cleaning strips, Brush It Liquid kit and a Clean It Liquid kit.

Machine Features

- Enables smart auto power technology, which allows quick distribution of power on surface to clean

- Compact and light, easy to carry within work spaces small and large

- Reduced energy consumption, making the machine healthier and cleaner than previous models

- CE marking and EAC certification

View on the Rapid Website, by clicking here.

If you would like to know more information about this process, don't hesitate to contact the Rapid Team for expert advice.


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