Meet the Team – Dave Austin (IT Manager)

by Rapid Welding 24. June 2020 17:23

Meet the Team – Dave Austin (IT Manager)

Dave Austin, Rapid’s IT Manager, has been at Rapid for the past 15 years, in a diverse and challenging role, working with others to innovate and enhance both Rapid’s offering and our systems. Whether it’s a new feature on the web, a mod to an internal system, or just keeping all the systems up and running, Dave says that seeing the impact across the businesses is very fulfilling for him. “Through the ups and downs of life, Rapid have always been very supportive, showing how the Rapid Experience works on many levels.” 

Outside of work, Dave’s hobbies include collecting old Sci-fi books (and reading them), watching old films, and keeping the ubiquitous Stan (the cat) happy (more of a job than a hobby he says!),


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