Rapid’s Service Department: Benefits of the Kemppi ArcValidator

by Rapid Welding 24. June 2020 17:11

Rapid’s Service Department: Benefits of the Kemppi ArcValidator

The Kemppi ArcValidator is a systematic and accurate validation solution for our customers that links both workshop and office-based process, meeting both local quality control and national validation standards requirements to EN 50504 and IEC EN 60974-14. 



At Rapid we have 3 validators, and 6 members of staff in our service department are trained to use them. With the ArcValidator, we can connect and validate your welding equipment from other welding equipment manufacturers easily, without any separate adapters.

The ArcValidator has plenty of advantages and benefits to our customers:

  1. It’s a quicker process, so the machine doesn’t have to be out of production for longer than necessary.
  2. It essentially removes all human error due to the machine carrying out most of the work and calculations itself.
  3. Its more accurate than other “approved” test equipment e.g. clamp meters.
  4. It validates machines to the latest specification, including wire feeders
  5. It has the option of standard or precision validation.
  6. Having more than 1 machine in our service department enables us to be able to offer this service all year round, even when one is sent away for its own calibration.
  7. The validator is only available to Kemppi approved workshops, so you can rest-assured it is being carried out by a trained member of staff.
  8. The machine is able to validate nearly all makes and models.

 Other advantages of using our service department include:

  1. All staff who carry out validation are trained on validation.
  2. We only use the latest top spec equipment to carry out validation.
  3. We carry out over 1200 validations a year (We carried out 1282 between 01/04/2019 and 31/03/2020).
  4. We carry out the required annual electrical inspection to BS EN 60974-4:2016, to ensure your equipment is safe to use at the same time.
  5. All certificates are available from our web portal 24/7.
  6. Reminders are sent when machines are due.
  7. Our validation procedure is audited for our ISO9001 accreditation.
  8. We can service your welding equipment at the same convenient time (and gas test), saving on down time and cost.

You can find out more about our Service Department, including contact details by clicking here. For more information about the Kemppi ArcValidator, click here. 


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