Breathe Clean and Fresh Air with the most Versatile Optrel PAPR System

by Admin 29. March 2021 10:27

Breathe Clean and Fresh Air with the most Versatile Optrel PAPR System

The Optrel Swiss Air respiratory protection system is independent of the helmet or other equipment used and is therefore the most versatile Optrel respiratory protection system available. It can be used with a construction/industrial helmet, weldCap® or without a helmet at all. 

The Optrel swiss air respiratory protection system brings clean breathing air into your environment and lets you breathe as freely as you can otherwise only enjoy outdoors in nature. 

Many workplaces and public spaces produce pollutants such as smoke, soot particles, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, ozone or viruses that can enter the lungs through the nose, throat and trachea, causing asthma, chronic cough, bronchitis or other respiratory diseases including lung cancer. With the optrel swiss air respiratory protection system you enjoy fresh air, completely independent of your activity and your other protective equipment. It makes you independent and free. 

Take a look at the PAPR system features in this video!


Key features: 

·        TH3 certified particle master filter

·        Adjustable Air flow 100-130 l/min

·        14 hour power battery

·        Automatic altitude and temperature compensation

·        Breath supporting

·        No masks Fit Test required. 

The Optrel Swiss Air PAPR TH3 system is available to buy online at now! 

Click here for more details, or contact our sales team on, or give us a call on +44(0)23 92 214 214. 


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