CECAMM Open Day - Update on Lincoln Electric VR Welding System

by Rapid Welding 22. February 2022 13:09


Last month Isle of Wight’s CECAMM College hosted an Open Day, with students and staff on hand to showcase some of the great things they do including Marine, Electronics, Composites and Mechanical Engineering. 

We paid a visit before the big day to see the Lincoln Electric VRTEX 360 Compact Virtual Welder Training System in action (See our January BLOG), and we’ve been looking forward to catching up on how they’ve been getting on with it ever since!

The general feedback is that the VR system is amazing!

Obviously, the machine is for students to learn valuable skills and different types of welding on, but throughout the open day the staff and visitors seemed to enjoy having a go too!

Having loaned the VRTEX 360 for the event, CECAMM have now taken delivery of their own machine and one of the main reasons for the purchase was because of the huge value it brings to an educational setting. Prospective students can have a go at something they would come across in the workshop or work setting, but without the additional health or safety measures or PPE - which would happen with real-life welding, or even the possibility of not being able to have a go at all.

Welding learners can practice welding techniques in a safe virtual reality environment that brings the tools, settings, materials, visuals and sounds of the welding process to life. 

The VR System certainly enhanced CECAMM s open day but importantly, it’s also started up discussions about sustainability for the college’s current students: The students can get a feel for welding before moving on to using materials, which means that welders can practice real-world cutting applications with no hold ups, and it also means that waste will be greatly reduced.


The welding industry is facing a global skills shortage, and as Rapid’s Managing Director, Roy Edwards said, “(Lincoln Electric VRTEX Virtual Welding Systems) take the students from PlayStation to welding station. This engaging and measurable teaching aid goes a long way to inspiring our future welders, helping bridge the very real skills shortage we are all currently suffering from. Well done to CECAMM for making this investment.”

Follow CECAMM for news about their excellent facilities and teaching: HERE

Find out more about the Lincoln Electric VRTEX Virtual Welder Training Systems: HERE 



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