Customer Review - Optrel Panoramaxx CLT 2.0 Silver Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

by Rapid Welding 28. April 2022 11:27


There’s nothing better when you’re researching a potential new purchase than an independent customer review, and let’s face it, choosing a welding helmet is a bit of a complex task, especially when searching the whole market as there is so much to choose from. With this in mind, we were delighted to offer one of our long-standing customers and experienced welder, Nick, the chance to review the Optrel Panoramaxx CLT 2.0 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet to try out, and he was kind enough to feedback his thoughts. 


First Impressions:

“There’s nothing not to like. But I’ll try and find something - Lol!”

A good start. Aesthetically pleasing, with the promise of high quality and advanced technology you would come to expect from Optrel, initial impressions are good.

On Comfort:

“I’m really impressed with it. It’s the small details. The comfort of the headband is amazing - comfort fit for any size cranium, and the overall weight is very light.”

The Panoramaxx CLT is fitted with Optrel IsoFit® headgear as standard, setting a new standard in terms of wearing comfort. It is the only product worldwide that can be adjusted in width, length, and height to suit any head shape, so that the helmet really does fit "like a glove". The Panoramaxx is also incredibly lightweight at only 550g.

On Visibility:

“Visibility, prior to and during welding is insane. I mean, I could see the grain cut on the material and any contaminants moving towards the outside of the molton weld pool as I was welding. The low-profile wide field of vision, like my free driving masks, is a nice feature and I can only see it being a good thing.

The colour perception in the light state comes very close to the view through clear window glass and in the dark state you get a detailed and high contrast view of the welding pool in a clarity never seen before. As with eyeglasses, the ADF's frame becomes almost invisible to the welder, increasing the field of view by more than 6 times. 

On Detail:

“The small details of changing the grind function button to one that’s sealed, doesn’t trap grinding dust and stick, is great. It’s easy to locate and use – definitely an improvement. I also really like the easy to grab plastic toggle for pulling the mask down. Sounds silly, but it's something I’ve noticed makes life easier - Lol. Also, I’ve not changed one yet but I imagine, looking at the clips and tabs on the outside shield/screen, the new one will be easier to change.”

In Summary:

“I’ve got some aluminium jobs coming where I hope to put the Panoramaxx through its paces, high amps, bright arc AC. Be interesting to see how the auto shade copes. I currently have my Crystal 2.0 but I am definitely considering purchasing one of these. – a welder can never have enough screens!”

Thanks Nick!

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