MasterMig 355 - The compact MIG welding machine with SuperSnake GTX

by Rapid Welding 26. July 2022 12:14
We are very pleased to have taken a recent order on four Kemppi UK MasterMig 355 water cooled packages, along with the GTX SuperSnake 15m extended feeder option from one of our long standing customers, Aluminium Marine Consultants Ltd.
With many of our customers working in the shipbuilding industry, this system is the very best you can buy and perfect for aluminium vessel manufacture, fulfilling the brief for consistently reliable results in a wide range of unusual workspaces or close confines.
These machines have been designed with the input of professional welders, and the result is a MIG experience which elevates industrial welding performance and makes challenging steel, stainless steel, and aluminium welding tasks effortless and fast. 
Discover more about this compact MIG welding machine from Kemppi Here.
Along with four Kemppi UK MasterMig 355 water cooled systems, Aluminium Marine Consultants Ltd also ordered the SuperSnake GTX 15m extended feeder option.
The SuperSnake provides superb extended reach feeding in-excess of 50 feet, meaning quality welding can be achieved in many different locations and spaces, improving productivity and personal safety - The ultimate synchronized sub-feeding system.
Serving the X5 FastMig and MasterMig systems, the SuperSnake GTX is an attractive alternative to motorized push-pull welding guns with limited reach, or heavy wire feeders with extended cable sets. The GTX models feature 10/15/20/25m cable package options including a metal protection frame, digital metering, safety isolation switch, wire inch and a gas test button as standard.
For more information on the Kemppi MasterMig 355 or SuperSnake GTX, contact Rapid Welding by telephone: +44 (0)2392 214 214 or email:
Discover the SuperSnake GTX (air cooled and water cooled options available) Here.


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